The Complete Guide To Buying A Home: Chapter 04 – Real Estate Horror Stories

Unfortunately, home buyers — especially first-time buyers — can be the victims of real estate horror stories. Absolute horror, from the buyer’s perspective.

Here are a few examples we’ll be discussing in Chapter 4 of The Complete Guide To Buying A Home that you can read online at

Real Estate Horror Stories

Be careful. Be smart. These horror stories are real and happen every day. Do your homework before signing paperwork or jumping into a new home. Too many people spend more time shopping for a car than they do on a home — a much larger and more permanent investment.

You have time to educate yourself, and I hope that this has helped you move forward in the right direction.

Watch the video and then read the corresponding chapter of the Complete Guide To Buying A Home. Then ask David your questions, so he can record more videos answer them and provide more clarification as needed.

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  • Establish your needs and wants for your new dream home
  • Search available options to create a shortlist of potential homes
  • Discuss what you like or don’t like about each one
  • Schedules showings so you can walk through the homes
  • Make an offer on the houses that you want to buy
  • Negotiate the best deal possible based on counter offers

You’ll get a copy of my book, detailed forms and guidelines so we find what you’re looking for, calls with me, and showings of homes that you would like to see.

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