The Complete Guide To Buying A Home: Chapter 01 – How Real Estate Agents Help You Buy A Home

What is it that real estate agents do to find and locate homes quickly and easily, so you understand the big picture of what the home buying process looks like. Whether you want buy a home without a real estate agent, or just understand what your current real estate agent is doing to help you find and buy the house of your dreams.


Your buyer’s agent will have a vast knowledge of the current real estate market for the area, which will include neighborhood amenities and conditions, the law, zoning issues, price trends, negotiations, taxes, financing, and insurance.

Once you meet with the buyer’s agent, they’ll generally help you determine your needs and wants when it comes to finding a home and a neighborhood. The agent will teach you what you can afford, help you set a budget, provide some insight on the current conditions of the market, and explain what you should expect while shopping for a home.

During the shopping period, you’ll meet with your agent for tours of homes in which you might be interested.

They will give your insight into the floor plans, the home’s pertinent selling points, and the overall crime rate of that neighborhood. They will also give you the rundown for local activities, restaurants, shopping centers, and schools nearby.

How Real Estate Agents Help You Buy A Home

Your agent is responsible for ensuring inspections of the homes are complete, as well as the disclosures therein.

They’re also in charge of ensuring coordination and completion is done through the roof inspector, attorneys, lenders, and all other professionals involved with the purchase of the home.

If bargains need to be made over the price, you won’t have to negotiate yourself. Your buyer’s agent will do that for you, along with signing the final closing documents. They will be present whenever there are documents to go through and sign.

Watch the video and then read the corresponding chapter of the Complete Guide To Buying A Home. Then ask David your questions, so he can record more videos answer them and provide more clarification as needed.

If you are looking for a home in the area, call me at (727) 249-4022 so we can talk about what you’re looking for. We’ll work together intensively on the following:

  • Establish your needs and wants for your new dream home
  • Search available options to create a shortlist of potential homes
  • Discuss what you like or don’t like about each one
  • Schedules showings so you can walk through the homes
  • Make an offer on the houses that you want to buy
  • Negotiate the best deal possible based on counter offers

You’ll get a copy of my book, detailed forms and guidelines so we find what you’re looking for, calls with me, and showings of homes that you would like to see.

Ideally, you’ve already been pre-qualified for a loan and know how much you can spend to purchase your new home. But if not, I can recommend some local lenders who can help you with that process. Once you know how much you have to work with, we can start looking for your new home. You’ll know in about 24 hours, how much you can spend.

You won’t pay me anything upfront to work with you because I receive my professional fees from my brokerage at closing which is paid for out of the seller’s funds.

If you are interested in working with me to buy a home in the area, text or call me at (727) 249-4022. I’ll shoot you the link to the book and we can schedule talk about what you are looking for in your new home.

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