How To Sell Homes Fast For Top Dollar: Chapter 13 – The Dos and Don’ts of Negotiating Your Home

Selling your home is a business transaction. Although it may be a multi-layered process that feels personal for you, it’s simply a buyer negotiating to purchase a seller’s home for an agreed-upon price. You, as a seller must keep this fact in mind. Opinions, emotions, and ego may attempt to derail your efforts; don’t let them.

The more you know about negotiating, the less likely you are to create a needless detour during the sale process.

This is what we’ll be discussing in Chapter 1 of How To Sell Homes Fast For Top Dollar that you can read online

The Dos and Don’ts of Negotiating Your Home

Let patience be your guide when dealing with an interested buyer. Don’t be anxious to tell him or her what you’re willing to accept; it may be lower than the buyer was willing to offer! Like any sale transaction, buyers have a price in mind, even if it is a lawn mower at a yard sale. They might be willing to pay $200 for the mower, but when they ask, you say $125. Do not lose the advantage of being able to counteroffer. Let the buyer speak first. That’s why it’s called an offer. It will either be an offer you can accept, or you will at least have more knowledge about what price the buyer has in mind.

Even in the simplest of sales transactions, agreeing on a price often includes “meeting in the middle.” For instance, a buyer speaks first and offers to buy an item for $150, when the seller is expecting to sell for $200. Most sellers will split the difference and counteroffer $175. The seller should instead counteroffer with $220, which keeps the midpoint at $200. The buyer may take the offer or agree to $205, which is slightly more than what the seller planned to ask for. Maximize your negotiating by counter-offering in small increments. Avoid following human nature by “meeting in the middle.”

Homebuyers look for deals. Think how quickly you would jump at a home selling below market value and in perfect condition that meets your every need. That situation rarely happens, but that doesn’t mean buyers won’t make low-ball offers. If they see your house as the perfect home, they may switch their priority to getting a lower-than-market-value price in negotiations. If buyers truly like your home better than any others, then why would they pay less for it? Keep your focus and negotiate accordingly.

Watch the video and then read the corresponding chapter of How To Sell Homes Fast For Top Dollar. Then ask David your questions, so he can record more videos to answer them and provide more clarification as needed.

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