How To Sell Homes Fast For Top Dollar: Chapter 12 – Be A Power Negotiator When Selling Your Home

Negotiating your home sale does not have to be intimidating. By learning how real estate negotiations work and how to apply proven techniques, you can get the price you want from the buyers.

This is what we’ll be discussing in Chapter 12 of How To Sell Homes Fast For Top Dollar that you can read online

Be A Power Negotiator When Selling Your Home

The two major elements of negotiation are motivation and skill.

A motivated buyer wants the best deal, and you, the seller, want the best price.
A skilled negotiator is an expert at working under the pressures of competition, time, information, and communication.


When facing an informed buyer, remember that the party with the most options will win the negotiation. The buyer may have researched your home’s history on the market. If you have relocated, he or she may assume that you’re desperate to sell and will try to haggle for a lower price. On the flip side, if the buyer thought you had three other buyers waving higher offers, he or she would have to raise his price or walk away. Sharpen your senses to know when a buyer does not have other property options.

Perceptions have a profound influence in negotiations. If an interested buyer believes you have rejected offers that were higher, you have the upper hand. On that flip side, the buyer may inform you of interest in other homes, pressuring you to accept the offer. The key to being a power negotiator is to stay calm and focused during the process to avoid costly mistakes. Knowing your buyer’s motivation without exposing yours will give you the edge

Information is the key to real estate negotiations. The more information the buyer can glean from you, the more pressure you will face. The more knowledgeable will overpower the less informed at the bargaining table. The more insight the buyer has into your motivation to sell, the more powerful he or she is at negotiating.

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