Yesterday, I woke up early. I planned on jumping right into creating content. But I went to the gym first, then swung by Starbucks to start writing.

Of course they were out of the tea I wanted, so I had to try something else.

Cranked out 12 Rules To Price Your House.

And did some stuff on social media and FB like adding new friends. Met lots of interesting people and reconnected with some old ones.

Got some leads for first-time home buyers that I was chatting with.

Went to the bank and planned on swinging by my brokerage, but then remembered it was President’s day and everything was closed.

Went over to Josh’s house and we had a good chat about creating sites and blogs and content for his new business.

Then a quick jaunt on down to pick up docs at Title company.

Over to the other side of Pinellas county on the beach to sign a refi.

Home for supper and a round of PIT.

Then nailing down goals and objectives for the year.

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