8 Options YOU NEED To Present A Pre-Foreclosure Seller

Thinking about ways to help people who want to sell their homes, I came across this video. 8 Options to help a Homeowner going through foreclosure in Florida.

Option 1: Personal Loan

Option 2: Listing your home for sale with a real estate agent

Option 3: Loan modification

Option 4: Rental

Option 5: Cash Offer

Option 6: Subject To or a form of creative financing, especially if in the form fo seller financing

Option 7: Renovate the home to list for sale (we can do this with no money of pocket until the home sells)

Option 8: Bankruptcy but you have to work with a lawyer who can help get you more time to continue to live in the house beyond your initial 90 day period

If you want to talk about your options for selling your house in Florida, you can call Dave at (727) 249-4022 or fill out the form to get an offer to buy your home here

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