2 Unconventional Ideas If You’re Scared To Sell Your Home

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If You’re Scared To Sell Your Home, Here Are Two Ideas For You…

Seems crazy to think that in today’s market, homeowners would be scared to sell.

Sellers are getting higher offers than what they list for. They’re getting as many as 60 offers on a single house. Others are getting offers of $100,000.00 over their original asking price.

Sellers are getting cash offers on their homes. In other words, buyers are paying cash without having to go through a lender.

Sellers are getting offers on their homes with zero contingencies. In other words, buyers don’t care what it appraises for and will take it without requiring an inspection.

With the market so hot, you think everybody and their dog would be putting their homes up for sale.

But they aren’t.

Everyone’s scared to make a move.

The market and economy are uncertain.

People aren’t sure what to do, so they don’t do anything. They wait until it’s too late and opportunity has passed to make a decision.

But by then it’s too late.

So, if you’ve been thinking about selling your home, but you’re not sure if it’s the right time or not…

Let me share a couple of ideas with you that I’ve been seeing other homeowners act on when they sell their homes to make the process a whole lot easier for you.

Idea #1: Negotiate Time To Continue Living In Your Home After The Sale

Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more homeowners negotiate a leaseback on their home

In other words, they sell their home. Sign all the closing paperwork. And still live in their own home for another 30, 45, or even up to 60 days…

Which gives them time to use the money from the sale of their home to purchase a new home for themselves.

The benefit is that they only have to move once. After the sellers find a new home to purchase and close on it, they then move their belongings from their old home to the new one.

No having to move everything to a rental/storage and then move everything from the rental/storage to the new home.

Idea #2: Sell Your Home While The Market Is Hot And Then Rent Until It Cools Back Down Again

This is another strategy I’ve seen recently. I closed on a home with some sellers who weren’t in any hurry to buy a new home.

They already had a house lined up to rent. A nice large home that met all of their needs, but without having to use their equity, make a large downpayment, or take out another loan.

It was interesting chatting with them about their plans for the future since they had a lot of freedom.

No large debt looming over them since they were paying off the mortgage from the home they were selling.

A nice chunk of cash so they were ready to make an offer when they did find a house they liked for a great price.

And plenty of time to leisurely search for the house of their dreams.

So, if you’ve been thinking about selling your home, but were afraid that you might not be able to find another home to buy, I hope the ideas above give you some food for thought.

If you want to talk more about the possibility of selling your home fast for top-dollar, how to negotiate a leaseback to give you time to find a new home, or even where to look for a new home to move to during that time, feel free to message me.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have right here through Messenger.

You can also call or text me at (727) 249-4022 – as well as email me at contact@davebailey.me

So, feel free to contact me through whatever means of communication you prefer.

I am a licensed real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, which means you’ll also have my amazing broker and our entire team at your disposal.

Even if you do come up with a question I can’t answer, you’ll be sure to have someone on our team who can.

Talk soon!

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